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Photo of Kyle Dent
Photo of Kyle Dent
Kyle Dent is the Head of AI Ethics at Checkstep

This month we’ve added a new “Expert’s Corner” feature starting with an interview with our own Kyle Dent, who recently joined Checkstep. He answers questions about AI ethics and some of the challenges of content moderation.

1. With your extensive work around AI ethics, how would you address the topic of efficiency & AI? Particularly when we see articles about AI moderation being better than human moderators?

We need to be skeptical of claims that AI performs better than humans. …

The birth of the digital public sphere

Online forums and social marketplaces have become a large part of the internet in the past 20 years since the early bulletin boards on the internet and AOL chat rooms. Today, users moved primarily to social platforms, platforms that host user-generated content. These platforms comprise the new online public squares where ideas and information are exchanged and debated by anyone. Platforms which offer free services to their users decide on the rules of engagement, and as is the norm, these rules have changed and evolved throughout the past decade and a half. From little to no moderation, platforms have introduced…

Combating misleading information, hoaxes, half-truths and outright lies is a discouraging business and can feel like a losing battle. However, many

Conference for Truth & Trust Online Logo
Conference for Truth & Trust Online Logo
Conference for Truth & Trust Online 2020

researchers and media experts continue to keep up the fight. This past October a group of technologists, academics, and platform owners got together for the second meeting of the Conference for Truth and Trust Online to discuss the current situation, ways to better understand how and why the phenomenon happens as well as technical innovations to remedy the problem.

The program committee was chaired by Emiliano De Cristofaro (University College London) and Preslav Nakov (Qatar Computing Research Institute, HBKU)…

​ In 1993 The United Nations declared May 3 as World Press Freedom Day recognizing that a free press is critical to a healthy, functioning democracy. According to the UN, media freedom and individual access to information is key to empowering people with control over their own lives. It seems the global population mostly believes it as well. The Pew Research Center reports that majorities across Europe, North America, and Latin America increasingly rate freedom of the press as very important. On the other hand, the Pew Center has also been tracking the declining business of US newspapers showing significant…


AI to boost good content 🚀 and moderate bad content ⚠️ — Manage a UGC platform? Say

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